COVID Update:


With the excellent news that lockdown is gradually being lifted, with small groups being allowed to meet up outdoors, we are currently working on new dates for our courses.  We are also addressing the logistics of running courses, and implementation of necessary safety precautions such as social distancing and any…

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Your Questions Answered!

Interviews with Fraser Christian answering questions. A simple Q&A sessions with Fraser on aspects of survival, bushcraft, foraging, fishing and his way of life. If you have a question you would like answered simply! Please send your request to Thank you! Please click the links below to listen… interview-for-radio-on-survivsl-1.m4a

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New sister site

Human Animal – mastering nature Making shelter, fire, and finding food, water and fuel, feeding well and sleeping comfortably. For foragers to preppers, All our inland courses are now found here: Some courses are residential meaning that sleeping in the camp is part of the course. Others are 1 or…

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Sweden Survival Course 5th/7th Oct. 2018.

Sweden survival course

An ocean-level survival course focusing on collection coastal foods, fishing and cooking techniques. Everything with a theme of survival and primitive living on the coast. Using a basic and advanced Coastal Survival kit, including longlines and pocket nets, along with improvised, modern and primitive traps. Preparing, cooking and preserving lucky…

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