Coast Master Award

Coast Master certificate from the Coastal Survival School.

A unique opportunity in coastal survival and bushcraft skills.

Learn from the original and best coastal courses provider – opportunities to experience our basically advanced skill in South West Dorset, South West Scotland and South West Sweden.

coast master coastal survival qualification

We are please to offer you the Coast Master Award, the first certificate of achievement in the subject of Coastal Survival.

A subject that in its extended and comprehensive form, we are independently responsible for creating. We ran the first Coastal Survival courses in the UK over 10 years ago, and feel it’s only right that we should offer the first certificated award, helping set the standard and rewarding those who successfully achieve and the complete essential coastal skills and knowledge.

We have also teamed up with our good friends and colleges All In Nature Sweden, in the South West of Sweden, bringing you the opportunity to now learn and take away skills in many a diverse and rich marine environment.

Coastal Survival

How you achieve the Coast Master award

Once you have attended and successfully complete both the Complete Coastal Survivor course and Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course, you will have gained a world of knowledge and confident hands on experience, to be safe and live well along the seashore and fully understand the benefits the coast has to offer, allowing you to thrive and survive well! These courses allow you to experience coastal hunting, foraging and fishing, cooking, bushcraft and survival skills with and with out modern equipment.

If your a coastal beginner looking for a compressive skills course or an outdoor training provider, bushcraft or survival instructor, this is the perfect course to gain the complete range of skills you may require.

The courses you attend will allow you to confidently approach any coastal zone with confidence.

The bushcraft based Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course gives you a chance to understand, make and use a wide range coastal resources, skills and knowledge, need to thrive, rather than just survive on the coast, with a full range of kit, most of what you make, you take away with you for your continued coastal adventures…

The Complete Coastal Survivor Course is your chance to really learn some the very best tried and tested coastal survival skills, that will see you survive entirely on what the rewards of your efforts yield, with only a basic Coastal Survival Kit and anything you find or make from available resources.

When you have successfully completed both separate courses, we will be pleased to present you with your certificate of excellence and Coast Master Patch.

The certificate and patch will be awarded at the end of the last course. You can attended the courses in any order, in a time frame that suits you.

Please find the relevant course details at:

Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course

5 day bushcraft course £575.

Complete Coastal Survivor Course

3 day survival course £285.

Booked separately £860.

Booked together – now only £774.

(use discount code  COASTMASTER10)

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