fishing courses on the beach catching mackerel
Fishing courses on the beach catching mackerel

Fishing courses and fishing lessons

Seashore and beach fishing courses or lesson are a great way to experience the skills and knowledge needed for you to be able to confidently go fishing! Learn from well seasoned professionals. Sea angling courses are for beginers and can be from the beach or boat.

The instructors were energetic , knowledgeable and engaging. We learnt soooo much in such a small space of time. Every bit was good. Learning the knots, choosing and presenting the bait, learning to cast and just the general set up of the rod.
Pete, 2019 

Fishing for your food, is all about knowing the when, where and how to fish and more importantly when not to go fishing. Survival is about energy used against energy gained when we are talking food, learn the effects weather, tides and seasons have over how we fish , what we fish for and what bait is used to catch a range of fish from the seashore, estuary and at sea.

Coastal sea fishing courses for beginners from the beach and shoreline.

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