Frequently asked questions? (and answers)

  1. How do we book a course? – Please click on the “add to cart” button below the desired course, automatic confirmation will be sent, along with an email to give you the exact times/ location etc!
  2. Are spaces available on the course? – Yes, unless it states “Limited spaces or fully booked”
  3. Are some of your courses suitable for complete beginners? – Yes, but please check if you unsure!
  4. What will we need survival equipment wise? – All specialist equipment  is provided, you just need sensible clothes+footwear for the season/s, and the season rated sleeping bag+mat for overnight courses!
  5. Will we be sleeping on the beach? – Only on the Coastal Survivor Course. Accommodation is at our base camps in private wild woodland. Tents/shelter are provided, although you can bring your own.
  6. Are meals and drinks provided? – Yes, it’s not very often we go hungry on the coast, some of the cooking is course content, and some require you to bring a pack lunch.
  7. Is local accommodation available the night before the course? – Yes, you can camp locally or we can help you make other arrangements.
  8. Are children allowed on the courses? – Yes, as long as they are supervised by you or an appointed adult!
  9. How do we confirm a date/booking? – Confirming a booking is made when full payment is received, in advance, by payment on-line, directly by cashed cheque or confirmed direct transfer!
  10. Will we have to eat worms? – No, nor will you have to undertake any task or activity you wish to abstain from, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Anything else, please ask, happy to help!

Email the coastalsurvivalteam@gmail.com

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