Forage and Cook

Forage and cook course.

Forage and Cook wild food, foraging courses with a professional chef.

Seakale foraging and cooking courseEat The Beach –  forage and cook course.

We run two seperate courses, one foraging along the high tide line for gourmet wild coastal vegetables and the other below the high tide line, foraging for seaweed and shellfish.

Coastal foraging for crabs and seaweed on a seashore forage and cook courseAfter a good foraging session there’s no better way to taste nature harvest than freshly cooked in situation, dining alfresco either on the beach or in the woods. The rich fresh and sometimes intense flavours can really be appreciated and taste even better when its food that you have foraged and eaten on location.

Coastal Foraging and cooking on a wild food foraging course on the seashoreLunch is made using a few pantry stores to create our signature wild seashore paella, gourmet coastal vegetable or woodland fruits risotto’s, along with foraged herb and fruit teas and appetisers, all simply served fresh and delicious. Courses are led by Fraser Christian, ex professional gourmet Chef and UK coastal specialist.

Forage and cook courses are for individuals or groups of up to 14 (ish)

£84.00.  per person.

An illuminating guide to the plants of the coastal margins. It is surprising what one sees when plants are pointed out. We look but we don’t see! I liked the way the plants were set in the context of the evolution of early man. Definitely inspired us to come again.

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