Beach and Seashore Fishing course – 1 day


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What do you get from our fishing course?

Our fishing course is perfect for beginners to fishing or those experienced in other kinds of fishing. It is an introduction to fishing on the beach and seashore.

We have picked the dates for our courses to coincide with the best tides to catch fish! You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want from our highly knowledgeable instructors – tides, weather, seasons, where to set up your rod and line and what bait.

Our popular fishing courses give you an excellent starting position to catching your own seafood, great for bushcrafters, survivalists, beginners or people wanting to source their own food.

Great for all ages, under 16s can come along with an adult, for £30, you share the equipment ,use the code FISH-JUNIOR at the checkout. Should your young fisher prefer to have their own rod, they book as a paying adult do not use the code.

The skills you experience on our beach and seashore fishing course.

This course introduces the student to a variety of different skills and techniques, you will easily get to grips with the basics of setting up the fishing gear and casting with an easy to pick up step by step approach.

If you’re looking to pack a rod and reel, know what tackle you’ll need and head off to the beach with the hope of catching some supper, this gentle introduction course will give you the knowledge and practical hands on skills you will need going forwards.

What do you need for the course?

All the equipment needed for the day is provided, unlike some other courses, you will get your own rod, reel and tackle for the duration of the course. If you have some kit, you can bring it along. Perfect if you have got new gear and you need a bit of guidance learning to use it!

Individuals and group bookings most welcome. No previous experience is required, suitable for all.

Coastal fishing for food course.

8am /2pm. Location west Dorset.

What does it cost?

Individual Course fee £126.00.

Private group or 1-1 bookings available on request.

How do you book?

Please select a date and location for your intended course and complete the online booking process at the top of the page

Your spaces on the course are confirmed once full payment is received. If you need assistance or have any concerns regarding this course, please email the

Additional information

2020 Dates

10th October 2020 in SW Dorset, 11th October 2020 in SW Dorset, 12th September 2020 in SW Dorset, 1st August 2020in SW Dorset, 2nd August 2020in SW Dorset, 2nd October 2020 in SW Dorset, 3rd October 2020 in SW Dorset, 5th September 2020 in SW Dorset