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Bushcraft courses, survival courses, foraging courses, fishing courses, cooking coursesCoastal Survival – Est 2008.

Coastal Survival run bushcraft survival courses to help you experience, practice and understand bushcraft survival skills and resources in a coastal location. Coastal survival use many different and diverse coastal locations. We are based near the Devon/Dorset boarders and currently run survival courses along the vastly versatile and diverse Jurassic Coast in West Dorset.

Coastal survival courses are suitable for all skill levels, individuals and groups can enjoy having fun learning valuable skills. The UK Coast line is a beautiful and sometimes wild environment, with an abundance of wild food, fish and shellfish. Learn how to collect, catch and cook them, along with the other essential skills needed to both survive and enjoy the great outdoors. Please look at our Bushcraft and Survival courses and simply book on-line, or call us and we will be more than happy to discuss our forth coming events, or answer any questions you may have.

We were established in 2008 upon a request from a group of individuals that had volunteered in the Post Tsunami Aid Relief Program, Thailand 2004.Their original request was for a “Post apocalypse coastal survival course”, as they were unable to find one suitable in the UK. After what was a great day, we decided it was a lot to fit in a one day course. We redesigned the Course and divided it into the new Courses that we now run, from then on Coastal Survival was born! August 2008.

Coastal Survival courses are more than just a sitting on a beach with a survival kit! As the only and first Coastal Survival course in the UK, we are the only Bushcraft and Survival course providers that specialise in this vast subject.

We teach and provide a wide range of Bushcraft and Survival courses that cover a multitude of specialised and some unique improvised skills and resources. We are proud to have instructed and provided courses for the complete beginner to professional instructors from other leading and respected Bushcraft Survival schools and course providers. If you are unaware of our reputation, or indeed that of any other bushcraft and survival school or course, a good place to ask is on one of the many public Bushcraft or Survival online forums, ask around and we are confident that reputation will speak for its self.

All our courses are fully catered for and we pride our self of providing a real time experience as far as possible, most of the food you eat, will have been either foraged or caught by you and cooked by you, under the careful guidance of our instructors.bushcraft survival course

Coastal Survival courses cover a wide range of skill encompassed in the requirements of survival – Shelter Fire – Water

On our Coastal Survival courses we work as a team and quickly establish a balance amongst the group, promoting a tribal way of looking at tasks and situations. Instruction is given in a first hand pacifical manor engaging directly will all learning mediums, visual, audio and concentric. You will not be required to preform any task that is bend your capability.

No specialist kit is required, accommodation can be provided if you haven’t got a suitable sleeping system, such as a tent or Basha/hammock set up etc. All you will need is:  windproof/waterproof clothing – Suitable waterproof footwear – mug and a fork – head torch – appropriate season rated sleeping bag and ground mat – spare cloths in a sealed waterproof bag.

Advise can be given on all aspects of our courses and its always good to talk to you about any questions or concerns you might have, theres no such thing as a stupid question, please email us at coastalsurvival@gmail.com

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