Survival Fishing and Hunting

Survival fishing and hunting. Coastal survivor making traps from beach rubbishFishing and hunting.

Just like the other animals that fish and hunt, we must make calculated decisions of energy expelled in our quest for food, verses energy gained.

When we hunt or fish we have a couple of options available to us, manual interaction or fixed static options. Using spears or fishing rods etc, will require you too be in situation, present and proficient in your physical abilities.

Traps and nets etc, are fixed static options that can be constructed and left alone in situation while you attend to other tasks.

Knowing when and where to efficiently exert your valuable energy will be a key factor in your eventual survival. Attention to detail in your traps and composure in your hunting is paramount.

Hunting on and empty stomach is never easy and positive results are required. After an initial foraged meal, when your relaxed and focused is the time to hunt.

Simple traps can be made from any available resources, be them natural or man made. Sticks and stones, plastic bottles, old rope etc, or any other beach rubbish can easily be fashioned into efficient solutions to address our food needs.

Into to fishing and huntin from the next handbook ………

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