No Farmed Fish Campaign

Say no to farmed fishWelcome to our –  No Farmed Fish Campaign.

Why should we care?

One of the things that makes our courses mostly unique, is that we can catch our food we cook on the courses, one thing we are proud of and keen to preserve! Although it is becoming more restricted as laws change and the catching of wild fish is restricted, the reasoning behind this is largely based on the theory wild fish stocks are in decline? That’s no surprise when the uneducated and downright stupid laws in place see fisherman throwing back unquantifiable amounts of dead fish, let alone the large fishing fleet mostly scraping the sea bed to almost destruction!

What’s happening to the ocean?

Where a negative vacuum is created it is often filled with something just as insipid like bacteria, the given ‘solution’ is to fill the void and so fish farming was born!
Many moons on, and the solution, based largely on greed and the ability to take wild fish, a “resource”, and turn it into a “commodity”. The local environmental impact is obviously apparent if you look at the seabed around the sites of the fish farms, but far greater a concern is the total impact on the food chain to all things wild, fish, birds and mammals.

So let’s start with basic maths and look at this globally destructive industry called fish farming.

The conversion ratio is the amount of food needed over the amount of food ‘grown’. Fish farming by it’s own conversation ratio is unsustainable (unless you don’t value the ocean) – it takes 3/7 tonnes of wild caught fish to grow just 1 tonne of farmed fish. This affects the food chain and ‘robs’ many! Think about it!

Yeah that is crazy! Let alone the farm fish is also given a ‘Harry Potter’ style concoction of chemicals, resulting in producing a far inferior product.

I know it seems easier to walk through life with your head down following the footsteps of others, accepting the views of the masses relieves the need to think and consider your own actions – but now is the time to be brave and look up, see the horizon and focus!

I know most people will not want to think about there place in the world as a whole, but you’re here reading this, so you obviously do care! You can’t change the world, but you can change who you are, and that makes a difference, your like a ripple on the water, together we make the waves of change.

Please feel free to share this with others who care.

Thank you – Coastal Survival.

Don’t just take my word for it – here are some links that hopefully make for interesting reading and help you think again!

Loads of source links above, mainly the guff & bluster the pro farmed lobby spout but it’s essential reading to help establish informed, logical, counter arguments

Next link very useful, I thought?

Below, the EU fisheries commission kinda contradicts its own assertion that farmed fish are unproblematic to the wider aquatic ecosystem functioning

Illuminating reading…

Page of source links…0….184.793.0j5…………….0i71.2EgIP%2BhCRro%3D

Why Fish Farming is Unsustainable and Harming the Planet

Is Aquaculture Good or Bad for the Environment?…11260.14385.0.14750.….0……0i13k1j30i10k1.0.Crm70TEarQQ


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