Important information about courses

Update 11th May 2020

Due to the CoVid-19 crisis we have no choice but to adhere to the lockdown which only allows essential journeys and social distancing. We have to postpone courses for the coming month.  We will be taking it on a month by month basis, so not all courses for the year are postponed at this time, just until the government guidelines allow us to run courses.

It is not a decision we are taking lightly as we a) don’t want to let our students and customers down and b) are only a small business which does rely on every course booking to survive.

We ask that everyone booked on our courses please bear with us whilst we organise new dates for our courses. I’m sure you can appreciate we have unprecedented and unforeseen issues occurring which may delay a new date being offered, most of our clients are keen to wait for the next dates, as it will be first come first served going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We wish everyone good health, please take care and go safely!
Fraser Christian

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