Coastal survival’s 10 years old.

coastal survival logoNearly 10 years ago I was tasked with the request to run a “post apocalyptic Coastal Survival course” as the group who had assisted in the post Tsunami aid operation in Thailand, were unable to find such a course anywhere in the Uk, it was a reunion get together and a chance to learn skills, they wish in hindsight they had at the time and knew they may need to call on in the future!

We ran a course from boat to shore and covered the, what to us were basic life skills in any wild or wilderness situation, especially on the coast, many of the skills I had picked up along the way through my life and travels working professionally in the crafts and really relying on my skills to make a living.
After I did a bit of searching, I was amazed to find that as we are an island nation, and live under a maritime climate, with no one more than 76 miles from the coast at best, the group was right, and no such course was available and Coastal Survival was not a search term or subject at best, they say that necessity is the mother of all invention, from that day forward Coastal Survival was ‘born’ and 10 years on its now a popular ‘household’ name, which we take as a compliment and thank all those who help put Coastal Survival firmly on the map!
We are celebrating our pioneering invention and continued appreciation to all that have followed our journey and supported the skills we share – we can’t do it with out you!
This August we will be at the Bushmoot again in South Wales, a perfect event with approx 250 like minded folk, all living in the woods on an amazing wild camp site on the coast, the guys at BCUK who run the Bushmoot have kindly said we can hold a free open day of workshops, talks and of course a few things to tantalise your taste buds!
All the courses and workshops we provide on the open day will be free of charge and it’s a great way to meet some of our team and get a real taste of what we can offer.
All you need is to pay a days camping (toilets, showers etc) to the guys at the Bushmoot (why not stay for longer, fully recommend it!) tell the guys when booking your coming to see us and turn up on the day, all will be welcome! If your at the Moot anyway, feel free to pop in and say hello.
Date of free open day 10th anniversary – Saturday 11th August 2018.
Location – BCUK Bushmoot site South Wales.
Full Bushmoot site details with camping booking link etc (hurry…. it fills fast?)
Again thank you to all I have met along the way and made it happen!
Hopefully see some of you there!

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