Coast Master Award – Review

Coastal Survival

Coastal Survival & Coastal Hunter Gatherer Aka Coast Master Award

I have to admit that I have only been interested in outdoor living, bush craft and survival for a couple of years. In that time I have become an avid enthusiast and have tried quite a number of different ‘schools’ and courses. Of these Coastal Survival School is one of the few who offer Coastal based lessons and experiences.

Fraser Christian (Owner of Coastal Survival school) has a unique approach to tuition, one which in fact works incredibly well in the coastal situation. Frasers personal experience from living the life and working both within the fishing industry and as a chef really adds to the experience (and flavours of food).

The Coastal Survival course is a few days with limited rations bulked out with foraged foods. ‘Bulked out’ is a little unfair as the coast delivered great foraging. The course itself covers the use and construction of shelters on the coast, Fire creation & safety, water collection & purification, foraging, orienteering, rescue signals and much much more.

The Coastal Hunter Gatherer course covers fishing techniques using rod, long line, nets and both modern and traditional ‘pots or traps’. It also covers the making and setting of nets, long lines and pots as well as continual safety, tide timings, plant and seaweed foraging, smoking & cooking of fish and probably most importantly, other than safety, the legalities of catching both Shellfish and fish.

Personally I found both sections of the Coast Master award very interesting and there were quite a number of eureka moments when certain things ‘clicked’ or something was mentioned which slightly altered a previously learned technique and refined it (possibly the best thing about doing courses in different environments with different people).

I could go on and give a much more detailed diary of events but I would end up transcribing all of my notes. I can recommend the Coast Master award as it gives the ‘Survival’ aspect and the ‘living off the land’ aspect of Coastal areas. Frasers no nonsense approach is enlightening as it cuts through the need to have lots of equipment and keeps everything in a straight forward easy to understand way. I also must mention the teams that accompany Fraser as they also deserve credit for presenting the courses.

By Keith P.


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