The weather

With the majority of our courses set outdoors we are totally at the mercy of the weather.

All courses are at the mercy of the weather.

We want you to have the best day possible, to give you the best odds of getting the most from your course we will not run the course on a day when you will be highly unlikely to catch or forage anything. Adverse weather may mean the course is physically dangerous, high winds and heavy rain is not only unpleasant, it can cause a multiude of health and safety hazards.

We may have to reschedule the course in the case of bad weather, that may be very quickly – ie running it the next day or within the next week, or if that is not convenient you are welcome to attend one of the other dates available, these can be found on the website.

In the case of last minute cancellations or bad weather, we will offer you another date, if you can please respond yes or no as soon as possible.

Please supply correct contact information so we can contact you if necessary.

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