Wild bread baking course

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What is the breadmaking course?

A really wild bread baking course taking full advantage of outdoor cookery skills, using a wood fired Dutch and Cob ovens. Bread has never been so easy to make and cook the traditional way, creating truly Artisan results, learn from the best with professional wild chef – Fraser Christian. Take away culinary skills to be used at home or in the wild.

Learn the history and journey of bread making and baking, using traditional skills, cooking bread three ways over the fire: on sticks, in ovens and baking in the embers, taking full advantage of all stages of the fires energy.

Different yeasts available

You begin by simply creating your own sourdough starter (yours to take with you), shared from our unique wild woodland yeast cultured mix. We also use commercially available yeasts, however the sourdough starter is a great glimpse into the natural and wild yeasts that would have been used to make bread for hundreds of years.

Breadmaking flour

Understand the different local stone milled flours we use on the courses and get hands on in the mix as we create simple bread doughs ready for shaping and baking. Wild foods have been added to breads for generations and we can look to bring in such wild super foods as seaweed, nuts, berries, seeds and wild plants. Really wild garlic bread has no rivals!

Breadmaking in traditional ovens

The traditional wood fired cob oven was much in demand and well used in times not too distant and the simple science of cooking with fire is easily gained on this, the most ‘real’ of all outdoor bread cookery courses.

Alongside the combinations of bread we bake on the course throughout the day, the fire pot will be ticking over slowly with a seasonal soup, incorporating any wild foraged foods available to us in the surrounding wild landscape.

Lunch is served mid day with the bread you bake in the morning, the wild fire pot soup and a selection of local artisan cheeses – with wild teas and cordials, on hand throughout the day.

The key skills you experience and take away with you on our unique wild bread baking course

  • Differences in grains and flours
  • Raising agents including sourdough starters and yeasts
  • Recipes for different breads
  • Preparing and kneeding the dough
  • Shaping and developing the dough
  • Baking using an open fire, Dutch oven and woodfired cob oven

What you need for the course

Everthing you will need for the course is included in the courses subscription, including ingredients, lunch and the sour dough starter kit.

Please dress for cooking around the fire and outside, although most of what we do is undercover and kept cosy by the large chimney flued open fire pit (no more smokey eyes)

What is the courses subscriction

£115.00 per person

How do you book on to the course

Please select a suitable date from the option at the top of the page, add to cart and check out using our secure on line booking form – thank you!