Eat The Beach – A guide to the edible seashore – Paperback


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Coastal Survival handbook number 1 – by Fraser Christian.

“I received your book this morning and have read it cover to cover and must say I’m very happy, great field book for me, I spend a lot of time on the coast open canoeing and wild camping. I like very much that the wild edibles in the book are easy to id, I’m sure iv walked over a few of these oops also all the edibles in your book grow and live here in the UK.

Some I have knowledge of and eat but didn’t know about some of the other uses so once again great stuff.
I have found with the many other food for free type books I get so confused with the amount of info so for to id them gets difficult or the foods they show don’t grow in this country or are very rare.. I will recommend this book to my buddy’s, to me its bomb proof edibles gathering and preparations explained the right way.” Angelo.