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Coast Hunter – A guide to coastal hunting.

Coastal Survival handbook number 2 – by Fraser Christian.

The new book on coastal hunting along the seashore.

Coast Hunter is the second Coastal Survival handbook by Fraser Christian of the Coastal Survival School. The book covers many ways to extend your knoledge beyond foraging, allowing you to confidently hunt along the seashore. Information and practical, how to make and use, such as kayak flishing, making gill nets, using long lines, shellfish traps and much more! Unlike many other manuals, Fraser has written about things he has actually used, made and perfected. Many methods are personally adapted from his time spent as a proffesional fisherman and coast hunter. This book is a must for all coastal adventurers, survivivalist and bushcrafters, or  even anyone looking to greatly expand their horizons!

Publisher: Coastal Survival.

Coastal Survival handbook number 2 by Fraser Christian compliments the Eat he Beach book, giving you a fuller repertoire of foraging and hunting skills with information for all would be coastal adventures.

eBook version.