Catch and cook course at sea


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What is it?

You have probably heard, if not experienced it yourself, that the very best and tastiest fish you’re ever likely to eat is most definitely the one you catch yourself. Our coastal sea fishing course is set on board a modern, fully equipped, state-of-the-art charter fishing boat. We will steam out of Portland in West Dorset to start the fishing course. A unique opportunity to learn how to catch fish with two very experienced and professional fisherman who, coincidently, both happen to be ex-professional gourmet Chefs.

The skills you experience on our catch and cook course at sea

The course starts as we find our fishing grounds and full instruction will be given from a novice basis including instruction on how to rig the fishing rod & real plus bait preparation as we will fish for a multitude of possible catches. Full instruction is available throughout. You will learn the finer points of sea fishing, greatly increasing your chances of a bountiful catch, discover elements that influence the fishing conditions, (such as the weather) information on tides and the fishing marks we are over such as sandy beds, reefs and wrecks.

Just before lunchtime (hopefully with the full box of fish) we will make our way back to the shelter of Portland harbour, recent location of the Olympics. Here the catch will be sorted and you will have chance to practice preparing the fish which will then be cooked on board the boat. We will have a full box of tricks including spices, herbs and the compliments to create a few simple dishes that will be served alongside some tasty fresh salads and local breads, all washed down with a select choice of fine local beverages.

The boat is fully equipped with all the fishing tackle and bait you will require, it also has a fully functioning toilet and large spacious cabin.

This course is limited to 8 people.

Location: Portland West Dorset.

Due to the nature of this course and considering your safety, this course is limited to fair weather (we don’t want to take you out in rough seas and put you off fishing) we are also bound by the limitations of insurance regarding forecasted weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather conditions that may prohibit running the course, a full refund or guaranteed space on the next available course will be offered.

What do you need for the course?

No prior experience is required to attend this course.

What does it cost?

This course is only currently available for group bookings.

Private group booking £890. (Max 8 persons)

How do you book?

Please request bespoke dates and personal group invoice by email –