Basic Tracking Course


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What is it?

Our tracking course is being aware of your wild environment and a must have wild bushcraft skill set.

Understanding the weather and the way landscape effects animals and there habits is as important as the signs snd tracks the animal show, if you are to truly be able to think like the animal you track.

Slowing down and using the elements to your favour alows you to get closer to what you track and teaches you to move in natural way and focus your mind to the task in hand.

Learn how to identify animal calls as they alert others of possible predictors and danger, listening to the other animals gives us a big advantage in the wild.

1 day bushcraft course – start 10am, end 4pm. Break for lunch.

Some of skills you experience on our tracking course

  • Animal sign identification.
  • Tunning into the environment.
  • Weather influences.
  • Understanding animal habitats.
  • Walking with stealth.
  • Animal calls and responses.

What do you need for the course?

Basic outdoor footwear and clothes suitable for the season and weather on your course. Waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers. Pack lunch and water bottle. Please feel free to bring a camera or method of recording your experience.

What does it cost?

Adult booking £84. (children under 13, free with adults booking)

How do you book?

Please select a date and location for your intended course and complete the online booking process. Your spaces on the course are confirmed once full payment is received. If you need assistance or have any concerns regarding this course, please email the

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25th November 2018 in SW Dorset