Modern Coastal Hunter Gatherer

Modern Coastal Hunter Gatherer

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This course has now been replaced with the Basic Coastal Survivor Course – 3 day. Please click here to view.

What is it?

Modern Coastal Hunter Gatherer is a 3 day bushcraft course.

Fishing nets, traps, spears, salting, smoking and coastal foraging for seafood and shore plants.

Prepare and cook what you catch on this unique coastal bushcraft course.

The skills you experience on our modern coastal hunter gatherer course

Use modern materials and bushcraft skills to learn how to forage, fish and hunt along the sea shore, then how to best cook and preserve the range of plants, fish and shellfish that we may catch or find.

Learn new outdoor self sufficient skills

  • Gill net construction starting with fishing line and beach rubbish.
  • Longline construction from simple fishing kit.
  • Fish and shellfish traps (that work) made from beach rubbish.
  • Modern lightweight fishing traps.

Foraging skills

  • Identification of seaweeds, how and when to harvest them.
  • Identification of fish and shellfish.
  • Identification of coastal plants.
  • Foraging for coastal and inland plants.

Bushcraft and outdoor cookery is simple the best!

After setting longlines, nets and traps, learning the where, when and how of fishing, then you get to cook and preserve a selection of fish, shellfish and plants, some caught and gathered by you, with some we may supply.

Modern bushcraft survival

This course is set over 2 nights and three days, starting at 10am on day one and finishing at (approx.) 2pm on day three. A must do bushcraft survival course for all hunter gathers looking for a unique practical weekend bushcraft survival course.

What do you need for the course?

Intermediate skill level required – you should be confident and experienced to wild camp with limited resources and able to perform basic bushcraft tasks – if you are unsure of your suitability for this course, please email the

Catering and accommodation: you are required to provide your own breakfasts and lunches using your own cooking system – evening meals are provided and incorporate a mix of what you may have foraged, caught or prepared. Hot water is always available for drinks and washing up. Camping is in our private Coastal meadow, small backpacking tents are recommended, parking is close by. Toilets are public close by. Wind break open solar showers.


3 days – 2 nights

What does it cost?

Course fee per adult booking: £285.

How do you book?

Please select a date and location for your intended course and complete the online booking process at the top of the page

Your spaces on the course are confirmed once full payment is received. If you need assistance or have any concerns regarding this course, please email the




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