Woodland Survival Course

Survival courses set in the woods

Woodland survival course in our woodland base camp in West Dorset

Basic essential outdoor survival skills covered in detail on our survival courses in our private wild woodland.

This inland survival course is over 2 days and 1 night, in a wild woodland off the beaten track, rich in wild resources.

Our weekend survival course is ultimately a challenge in surviving an unexpected survival situation you may find yourself in – isolated, alone and in the outdoor environment with very limited kit we will provide you with.


Camp fire cookery on a woodland survival courseLearn how to use basic survival kit efficiently and learn well-practised survival skills, including the core essentials of survival: shelter, fire, water and food. The survival course starts in the woods with a run through of the basic survival kit that fits easily in a pocket. You will be provided with our basic survival kit – waterproof sheeting for shelter, knife, lighter, candle, fire lighter and cordage.



Woodland survival course building shelters, fire, collecting and purifing waterand firging for food along with trapping.On the first day you will be given professional guidance in the basic survival skills, making an improvised shelter, preparing, building and lighting a fire, collecting and purifying water, foraging and hunting for food. Food will be basic rations that you will advance with a range of wild foraged food and a wild game selection that varies with the seasons.



Making traps on our woodland survival courseThe evening, night and second day,  you’re allocated a survival zone in which you will commit yourself to surviving the rest of the weekend, individually and coping alone, with regular updates and visits from instructors, offering advice and guildence where needed.



Trigger traps and snares made from wild resources on a bushcraft survival courseYou will go off to individual locatiouns, first building a suitable and adequate shelter using the survival skills you’ve just been shown. Help and assistance will be constantly available throughout the weekend from professional survival instructors, with years of outdoor living experience. Learn how to be positive, comfortable and safe in an outdoor survival situation.


This woodland survival course requires no previous experience and is suitable for all ages and skill levels; families, private groups or parties are welcome.

All survival kit needed for this course is provided besides your basic kit which will include: adequate outdoor waterproof clothing, sleeping bag rated for the appropriate season, insulated sleeping mat, head n

Food is provided throughout the course in the form of basic rations and you will be taught how to confidently identify, collect and catch wild edible foods that will complement your basic rations, during some times of the year nature’s harvest is abundant.

Some wild foods that you would be able to catch given a prolonged period of time in the wild include fish and game, these will be provided to give you an example of how to prepare, cook and best make use of them, wasting nothing!

This woodland survival course is run and designed by Fraser Christian, who has experience of many years living off grid in improvised woodland shelters, living off the land and coast. Information and survival skills on this course go beyond the usual basic military survival-manual led courses and also draws on Fraser’s personally developed knowledge he has acquired observing and living with nature, seeing the positive in a potentially negative situation, along with being able to “think outside the box” and improvise, essential skills in a survival situation helping to maintain an overal positive mental attidude! Fraser has recently trained various elite speacial forces, drawing on his practical experience and varied skill sets.

This woodland survival course limits group sizes to give you the space to opterate in a secure but realist survival enviroment.

Individual course booking £138:00.

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