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Gill net, coastal Gill net, pocket Gill net

Coastal Survival Pocket Gill Net.

Made and designed especially by Coastal Survival, these unique nets are perfectly balenced, reducing weight and pack size.

The Coastal Survival pocket gill net measures when set out at approx. 7m x 1.5m, 100mm (multi-mono mesh) weight approx 900g. The net comes ready to use, with braided floating head rope and led line bottom sinking foot rope. An ideal addition to any coastal survival kit. The coastal gill net fits into a large pocket or small bag. These compact nets are an efficient way of providing you and your group with a sustainable food source, even working while you are sleeping.

£18.75 per net + £3.20 PP (Royal Mail 2nd class)

Post to UK only.

Coast Hunter Book

Coast Hunter – A guide to coastal hunting.

Coastal Survival handbook number 2 – by Fraser Christian.

The new book on coastal hunting along the seashore.

Coast Hunter is the second Coastal Survival handbook by Fraser Christian of the Coastal Survival School. The book covers many ways to extend your knoledge beyond foraging, allowing you to confidently hunt along the seashore. Information and practical, how to make and use, such as kayak flishing, making gill nets, using long lines, shellfish traps and much more! Unlike many other manuals, Fraser has written about things he has actually used, made and perfected. Many methods are personally adapted from his time spent as a proffesional fisherman and coast hunter. This book is a must for all coastal adventurers, survivivalist and bushcrafters, or anyone looking to greatly expand their horizons!

Publisher: Coastal Survival.

Coastal Survival handbook number 2 by Fraser Christian compliments the Eat he Beach book, giving you a fuller repertoire of foraging and hunting skills with information for all would be coastal adventures.


Coast Hunter book – order direct online

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Coast Hunter – ebook.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Eat The Beach – A guide to the edible seashore.

Coastal Survival handbook number 1 – by Fraser Christian.

Foraging Course, Foraging guide to the beach, survival course book

Foraging guide to the beach

“I received your book this morning and have read it cover to cover and must say I’m very happy, great field book for me, I spend a lot of time on the coast open canoeing and wild camping. I like very much that the wild edibles in the book are easy to id, I’m sure iv walked over a few of these oops also all the edibles in your book grow and live here in the UK.

Some I have knowledge of and eat but didn’t know about some of the other uses so once again great stuff.
I have found with the many other food for free type books I get so confused with the amount of info so for to id them gets difficult or the foods they show don’t grow in this country or are very rare.. I will recommend this book to my buddy’s, to me its bomb proof edibles gathering and preparations explained the right way.” Angelo.

Now available in paper back from Amazon on line – please click this link.

Now also available in an ebook


Coastal Survival Fishing Kit.

The Coastal Survival Fishing Kit is fully comprehensive range of selected essential fishing kit, that will see you through a fishing trip or prolonged stay on the coast or up stream. The ample sized tin is seamless and could be used to cook or purifie water in. There is just enough room spare in the tin to add a few personal extras. A sensilbe sized kit to fit in your car, coat pocket or day sac.

survival fishing kit


Contents: Mini snap light green – 14g spinner – Mackerel spinner – 28g drilled bullet weight – bubble float – 20 size 1/o hooks – 20 size 8 hooks – 10 rolling swivles – 5M 18lb mono line – 5M 30lb mono line – 5M braided nylon cord – 5M mulit strand nylon line, all packed in a seamless tin with lid.

£12.65 + £2.30 Royal Mail 2nd class P+P  UK. 


Coming soon!

Essential bushcraft, survival and outdoor kit.



Opinel number 8′ folding and locking, stainless steel knife.

Folding pocket saw.


Sleep system kit.

3×3 Tarp.

Bushcraft hammock.


Sleep mats.

Sleeping bags.

Bivi bags.


Survival bag – orange.

Survival blanket.


Fire systems and stoves:

Hexi stove with solid fuel.

Meths stove.

Gas burner.

Wood gas burner.

500ml fuel bottle.

250ml gas bottles.

Fero rods.

Windproif lighter.


Water systems and kits:

1lt stainless steel water bottle. Plastic cap.

Pocket pump water filter kit.

Gravity water filter bag.


Food and cooking kits:

Stainless steel mug.

Enamel mug.

1.5L cook pot with lid – stainless steel.

Folding bowl.

Folding cup.




Hooded sweatshirts.




For any bespoke or Artisan makers and equipment, here is a list of links that we can recommend you take a look at if your looking for that individual touch of craftsmanship. Please say hi! from us.

If your an artisan maker of kit you think we would be interested in, please get in touch.


Phils Wood Turning – handmade bespoke maker..§ion_id=15478096

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