Coastal survivor making traps from beach rubbishSurvival courses from the Coastal Survival School are practical and hands on survival skills courses.

The Coastal Survival School was the first UK based survival and Bushcraft school to offer coastal survival courses and much of what you learn is unique and developed specialy by us for the subject.

We regularly teach other less speacialist survival and bushcraft instructors from other leading training providers. We are the first to teach advanced coastal survival courses to military speacial forces survival instuctors.

Our unique and origional coastal survival courses are run regularly in South west – Scotland and Dorset in the UK.

We can and do provided private training courses in coastal survival skills anywhere in the UK.

Please look at our courses below and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or go ahead and book easily on line now to secure your spaces.


2 day or weekend survival courses.

Coastal Survivor course.

Survival courses, cooking on the beach.
Castaway survival skills for shelter, fire, water, food, navigation and rescue.

Essential coastal survivor skills set on a beach for emergency survival in coastal walking and trekking situations.

The coast is the best survival zone. You can master a full range survival skills with a basic survival kit that will see you thrive, rather than just survive.

Woodland Survival course.

Woodland survival course building shelters, fire, collecting and purifing waterand firging for food along with trapping.

A real survival training course run by professionals that know and share survival skills. Skills that basic books and those that teach from them cannot teach.

“There’s no practise like the doing!”

Experience essential outdoor survival skills, covering in detail the basics: shelter, fire, water and food. Learn simple and practical survival skills in a safe and practical manner.

A basic survival course will give you confidence in approaching outdoor activities, we highlight the risks to avoid and how to deal with a variety of situations you may unexpectedly find yourself in.

5 day or week survival courses.


Survival on a castaway course set on the seashore learning essential coastal survival skills

Complete Coastal Survivor course.

The ultimate in coastal survival courses.

Learn and experience the greatest of all survival course zones. This course will see you survive with basic kit on the coast and master a wide range of survival skills, using a survival kit and your knoledge. If you really want to experience the true survival skills from practised professionals, this is the only course of its kind – the origional and first UK coastal survival course.


Please feel to contact us with any questions you may have – thank you!

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