Bushcraft course group photo class of 2017 Scotland

Bushcraft course group – class of 2017 Scotland.

Course dates and booking.

Bushcraft courses, Foraging courses, Fishing courses, Food courses and Survival Courses.

Most courses are set in West Dorset, others courses can be found in Wales and Scotland, with private or bespoke courses on request across the UK.

Spaces are available on all courses unless stated otherwise.

Please feel free to enquire and ask any questions you may have or if you have any problems using the payment system online, at or call Fraser on T: 07702 104644.


Course Dates for 2017 and 2018.


New dates for 2018:

Day fishing courses – 24th March.

Overnight fishing courses – 24th/25th  March.

SOS survival overnight  courses – 11th/12th March.

SOS survival 3 day advanced survival courses – 20th/22nd April.

Hunter gatherer modern skills 3 day courses – 30th March/1st April.

Hunter gatherer primitive skills 3 day courses –

Complete hunter gatherer skills 5 day courses – 25th/29th June in Scotland and 24th/28th in West Dorset.

Foraging wild food walks – 3rd March for seaweed and shellfish and 17th March for coastal vegetables.

Forage and cook courses – 7th April for vegetables and 15th April for seaweed.

Food courses –





Bushcraft living cours. Campfire cookery course, cooking outdoorsSeafood preperation and cookery course – 28th October.

Game preperation and cookery course – 29th October.

Campfire cookery course – 21st October.

1 day food and cookery course £84.00 per person.

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Bushcraft courses:

Bushcraft courses on the coast are based around learning how to make and use fishing gear.

Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer course – 5 day bushcraft course.

September 6th/10th in south west Dorset.

25% deposit and stage payments available – £143.75.

Full individual course fee £575:00.

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A meal made using shellfish and seaweed on a coatal ushcraft course Foraging courses and wild food walks

Foraging walks –

Coastal forage walk for plants. 

15th of October in west Dorset.


Coastal forage walk for shellfish and seaweed.

October 7th in west Dorset.


Woodland and hedgerow foraging walk for plants and fruits.

September 30th in west Dorset.


Foraging walks £54.00. Per person.

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Foraging and cooking- 1 day courses.


Forage and cook seafood and seaweed.

7th October in west Dorset.


Forage and cook coastal plants.

April 2018 in West Dorset (coastal vegetables at thier best!)


Forage and cook courses £84.00 per person.

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Beach fishing course, bass fishing from the seashore.Fishing courses:

Coastal fishing for food 1 day course.

September 2nd in West Dorset.


Day fishing course £84.00 per person.

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Coastal beach fishing for food  course – 1 day and overnight.

September 2nd/3rd in West Dorset.


Overnight fishing course £138.00 per person.

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Survival courses on the coast with Coastal Survival School, survival shelter on the beach, cooking using driftwood.Survival courses:

Coastal Survivor – beach survival basic course 2 day and overnight.

November 11th/12 in West Dorset – winter course.

Overnight survival course £138.00 per person.

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Complete Coastal Survivor 3 day, 2 night advanced course. 

September 15/17th in West Dorset.


3 day survival course £285.00 per person.

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