Game Cookery Course

Game cookery course.

Prepare and cook a mix of feather and fur wild animals in a woodland environment before cooking using wood fired ovens and smoker.




Paleo diet , Game prepThis game cookery course starts with the whole animal or bird, you will learn to confidently approach a vast range of game and see the following techniques that can be applied to the preparation and butchery of all animals and birds.




smoking game on a bushcraft courseFirst the preparation will include plucking and skinning, before cleaning and dressing the game to be cut and prepared to be cooked, salted and marinated using different spices and herb that help with preserving and correctly flavouring the range of dishes we will cook and then eat!




Bushcraft courses set in the woodsCombinations of game provided – feather and fur, that may include; duck, pigeon, partridge, pheasent, squirrel, rabbit or deer.




If you have previously experienced courses of this nature, our past clients feedback leads us to believe you will benefit from coming on this course, where a lifetimes worth of professional combined knowledge and practical proven experience is generously shared in an honest down to earth manner.

Location – West Dorset

Individual course fee  £84:00.

1 day cookery course.


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