Wild medicine

Wild medicine course.


Wild Mallow a wild medicine plant courseThere are many plants in the wild that offer the Bushcrafter or survivalist a multitude of uses for first aid and also for the treatment of a wide array of medical conditions , not to mention their other many uses in craft skills.

This course  focuses on the first aid and medicinal properties of wild plants commonly found in the woods, meadows, river banks and hedgerows.

From the woodland camp where this wild medicine course is based, we will forage for a range of seasonal and available plants, trees, flowers, shoots and roots.




Wild plants used to make healing balms

Wild plants used to make healing balms

Under the professional guidance of Medical Herbalist Eleanor Gallia MA(Hons), Dip.Phyt, MNIMH, we will explore the actions, uses and indications of the various parts of these native plants.

We will look at the different ways in which they can be processed to preserve their medicinal properties, allowing us to store them and, through the seasons, build up a medicine cabinet from the wild.






Wild medicine plants to make a herbal tea on a wild medicine course

Wild medicine plants to make a herbal tea on a wild medicine course

We will learn how to use plants to topically treat such common conditions as cuts, bruises, breaks, bites and burns.

Deepening our knowledge of these indigenous plants allows us a more thorough understanding of our own bodies, inviting us to take true responsibility for our health and respect the natural environment in which we live.





Course location – West Dorset.

1 day course – starts at 10am – finishes by approx 4pm.

Course dates and bookings page link, please click.

Private group bookings and dates on request – please enquire.

Individual course fee (includes lunch) Р£84:00 per person.

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