Food courses and outdoor cookery are by far one of the most popular subjects regarding bushcraft, survival, foraging or fishing. After a days foraging or hunting you desrve to do justice to what you have, everyone likes to eat well!


We are pleased to be able to offer outdoor cookery food courses with exceptional quality of both content and knowledge acquired.


Our food  courses are uniquely designed and led by Fraser, who if you dint already know, is aslo a professional trained, qualifed and highly experienced Chef with Distictions.

Easily learn more than just the basics from first hand professional guidence, with Frasers, Chefs top tips and tricks along with the combined extended practical knowledge of living and cooking outside.


The outdoor food cookery courses on offer are:


Limpets are a easy find for the coastal foragerSeafood cookery and preparation and cookery course.

This one day food and cookery course will easily demonstrate how to approach a range of fish and shellfish to prepare them for the pan and table. We use a sustainable range of localy caught and collected fish and shellfish that is freshly available, what we may have will depend on the season and weather at the time.



Game cookery, cooking Pigeon on the fire on a Paleo wild food courseGame preparation and cookery course.

Prepare and cook a mix of feather and fur birds and animals in a woodland environment before cooking using wood fired; pan cooking, ovens and smoker.




Survival and bushcraft instructors course from Coastal survival Camp fire cookery on a woodland survival courseCampfire cookery course.

Campfire cook is a cookery course that starts with the basics of fireside cookery and progresses your confidence and skills to produce amazing, simple but tasty campfire recipes and nutrishious meals fit for any restaurant table. Good food on any outdoor experience, helps create memorable moments, this course is a must for all outdoor teachers and expedition leaders.

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