Elite Coastal Survival

Coastal Survival – Course level 2.

72 Hrs (3 day – 2 night) survival skills course.

Particularly suitable for serving members of the Armed Forces and MOD groups.


Elite coastal survival courseThis elite coastal survival course has been specially designed by Coastal Survival with a military audience in mind, but is not exclusive to the military.

We have condensed a range of skills from all our courses into one intense and comprehensive coastal survival course, suitable for those who wish to gain and practice specialist survival skills that can be applied to a range of environments.

We currently deliver specialist coastal survival training to several military organisations, including Special Forces survival instructors, as well as other leading bushcraft and survival course providers. If you’re looking for the very best, you will be in safe hands with us!

We were the first UK survival school to specialise in coastal survival skills and constantly seek to develop the subject through exploiting the various professional backgrounds we have within our team.

The course is shore based, focused around coastal and littoral regions with skills that can cross over to be used in sea survival situations.

This specialist survival course is presented in a “military style ” where students are expected to have prior basic training in the essential survival requirements of: shelter, fire, water and food.

This comprehensive training course covers the skill sets needed to successfully survive in an unexpected survival situation, with and without basic equipment.


Elite coastal survival courseThe following skill set modules are delivered:

Shelter, location, requirements. (SLR)

Fire, methods, requirement. (FMR)

Water, acquisition, purification (WAP)

Foraging, fishing, hunting (FFH)

Food, preparation, cooking (FPC)

Positive mental attitude (PMA)



Elite coastal survival courseYou will be supplied with the following kit:

Survival fishing kit (SFK)

Personal survival kit (PSK)

Coast hunter kit (CHK)

Basic shelter kit (BSK)


Equipment you need to bring with you:

Waterproofs – jacket with hood + trousers.

Warm jacket.



Sleeping bag and mat (season rated).

Head torch.

Clothes you wear (season appropriate)

Spare change of clothes in a sealed waterproof bag.

This is the only kit you will need on the course, we supply all the other equipment you will need.


Elite coastal survival courseThis course is run over 72hrs and starts with a demonstration of where and how to achieve the immediate survival requirements of – shelter, fire, water and food – in that order.

The training environment covers the 3 basic coastal zones of mud, sand and rock.

After our team have demonstrated the skills and use of kit provided, you will be expected to procure all your own resources, working individually, but with constant supervision, mentoring and instruction available to help you improve as the course progresses.

The wild resources and skills taught will be governed by the season and preceding, prevailing and impending weather.

This course is available to all that have completed basic military survival training, our basic Coastal Survivor – Level 1 course, or similar recognised course.

Course fee – Individual £225.00.


15% discount for MOD – refunded after booking – please enter “MOD” and service number, along side your course date entry.


Private group or 1-1 training available by request.


Please email us at: coastalsurvivalteam@gmail.com


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