We offer a range of courses in survival and bushcraft skills, to suit any circumstance from living off the land or water and living well. A highly experienced chef who simply loves food cooked over the open fire. Learn how to live off-grid from an instructor who does just that day in, day out.

Expert in bushcraft skills

This being a way of life for Fraser Christian means that his knowledge is certainly tried and tested – each and every course is filled with information and practical advice from real life experience. Our delighted customers don’t just write a few lines to show their appreciation, they have a great deal to say – check out our testimonials here.

Cookery classes included

Each course is ram packed with useful skills and knowledge, choose from foraging along the coast or in the woods, expert knowledge to give you confidence to find your own super tasty food – then learn how to cook in a way that you would taste in the very best of restaurants, all created over a wood fire – including bread, and if the fire is dying out? No worries, Fraser knows a way. A trained chef, he has all the skills of creating menus and dishes and using local and seasonal food.

Surviving off the land

These courses are a fantastic way to build your self sufficiency skills, learn infinitely useful techniques to ensure that if you are miles away from civilisation you will not only survive, but you will thrive.

Gift of knowledge

Perfect for Christmas presents or birthday gifts, for all ages, male and female. A great joint gift for couples and families. Availalbe in a range of prices so you can get your loved ones invaluable skills, ideal for modern life.

Click on the images to find out more about the classes – or use the links on the right.

Bushcraft courses

Bushcraft courses

Survival courses

Survival Courses

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Off grid living

Bushcraft courses

Fishing Courses

Mushroom - Fungi foraging course

Foraging Courses

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