Complete Coastal Forager Course

Limpets are a easy find for the coastal foragerComplete Coastal Forager course from the Coastal Survival School.

1 day coastal foraging course.

Coastal foraging for wild food in two separate locations. As a coastal forager, experience both shellfish and seaweeds, along with seashore, estuary plants and vegetables.

The course starts in the morning at the first location where we follow the tide out and forage in what we call the ‘intertidal zone’ between the high and low tide marks, here we are rewarded with an abundance of seaweeds and shellfish.

Then it’s a short drive along the coast to our second location where we will find an amazing selection of both beach and estuary greens, the diversity of which is one of the best anywhere in the UK.

To help protect the ecological balance of our teaching area, we will be identifying and recording our finds only, please note no harvesting or collecting will take place on this course.

Complete Coastal Forager Course, seabeat a wild vegetable found on the coastDuring the complete coastal forager course you will learn how to confidently identify a wide range of coastal wild foods:



Seaweeds – green, red and brown selection.
Shellfish – limpets, winkles, crabs, prawns, shrimps.
Wild vegetables – carrots, parsnips, sea beat (spinach), seakale, leeks, mustard, horseradish, purslane, asters, mariners plantain, buckshorn plantain, ribwort plantain, greater plantain, common mallow, tree mallow, yarrow, silver weed, scurvy grass, rock samphire and anything else we discover.

In the wild, nature makes up its own seasons and what we may find can vary through the year.

The ‘medicinal’ and first aid properties of wild plants is far reaching, and the coastal plants are no exception. We will talk about the benefits of using wild plants in a broad spectrum, covering the sustainability, laws of the land and possible hazards that may precent them self to the would be forager.

What you will need to bring with you:
Sun protection, hat, glasses etc.
Waterproof jacket and trousers.
Waterproof boots/shoes.
Note book, camera etc.
Pack lunch and drink etc.

We will need to drive between the two individually diverse locations. Car parks at both locations, both pay and display, the second is NT, here we will break for lunch.

This foraging course is suitable for complete beginners to professional outdoor training providers, a great introduction course for assured identification purposes.

The course is led by Fraser Christian, professional wild food chef and forager.

Course duration – mid morning until mid afternoon (times vary to coincide with changing tide times)

Individual course fee – £84:00.

Foraging course locations – Near Bridport, west Dorset, UK.

Please follow this link for the next course dates.

Please enquire for private course or group bookings at:

Thank you!

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