Coastal Survivor

Coastal Survivor Course.

2 day beach survival course.

Castaway dessert island survival skills – and how to survive.


Castaway survival skills for shelter, fire, water, food, navigation and rescue.

Coastal Survivior, castaway skills need to survive on the beach and seashore.Essential coastal survivor skills along an isolated beach, for emergency survival to coastal walking and trekking. The coast is the best survival zone, once you  master a full range survival skills, that will see you thrive! rather than just survive with basic survival kit. We will be covering the essentials needed to survive an unexpected night or longer on a beach after a possible injury, landslide or ship wreak etc. illustrating the possible dangers and resources to hand.How to signal for rescue and navigate along the seashore to safety.


Cooking fish wrapped in wild edible greens on a drift wood fireIf you do find yourself in an unexpected coastal survival situation, this survival course and the survival skills you will experience and lear will stand you in good stead and hopefully help you make calm, informed and correct decisions.


This unique survival course involves acting though surviving on a beach with only basic kit using only a selection of items commonly found in your pockets, backpack or handbag (things you would normally have on you). Ultimately seeking rescue, at no point are you actually in a hostile environment, this survival course is to simulate the actions implemented in such unforeseen cases resulting from possible being stranded by the tide, to a cliff fall etc, or if a member of you team is injured and incapacitated.


The seashore along the coast in south west scotland is perfect for a a coastal bushcraft courseYou will make an improvised shelter and sleep in it on the beach, after beach-combing and making the best use of things we may find, fire lighting and constructing efficient drift wood fires for cooking and warmth, to signalling. How to safely and successfully make and find fresh water using available resources, foraging and hunting for wild foods, cooking and maintain fire. This survival course is all about surviving and getting rescued should the unthinkable occur.

Emergency rations and shelter will be available if required. Be prepared, be safe, be happy and survive!

Location – West Dorset.

£138.00.  per person.

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