Coastal Survival Team.

Our team of Coastal Survival instructors is made up of a mix of passions and advanced well practiced skills, combined with the ability to communicate and share valuable information easily.


Fraser – Founder and senior instructor.

Fraser Christian - Coastal Survival instructor

Fraser – Coastal Survival.

The Founder of the Coastal Survival School, Fraser is a fully Qualified Charter Skipper, MCA Commercial Endorsed Skipper. Included in these qualifications are RYA Sea Survival, VHF Radio operator, Navigation and First Aid at Sea.

Fraser was first teaching survival and bushcraft skills to his local scout group over 25 years ago and has since been lucky enough to fish, hunt and forage professionally. He has had some amazing experiences and mentors in his life and is pleased to share his valuable lessons and knowledge with many others. He is also a fully qualified chef and nutritionist with a passion for wild herbal medicines, wild food and outdoor cooking skills including preserving and smoking foods. This has helped him gain an instinctive understanding and respect of both nature and the elements, his past also seen him lead and instruct the popular River Cottage – Catch and Cook, and Fish Skills courses, published in many magazines, and to write his new books – Eat The Beach and Coast Hunter.

Recently Fraser has immersed himself in the philosophy of “practice what you preach” and now lives completely off grid spread between the coast and a remote wild woodland, actually living the life that others teach.


Si – Survival instructor.

Si Parker Using a coastal survival pocket Gill net

Si – Real survivalist!

Si Joined the army at 17 years old  and has served all over the world in just about every type of terrain. Serving as an arctic warfare and survival specialist for nearly five years tested him to his physical and mental limits in what is undoubtedly the most inhospitable place on earth- with temperatures dropping below minus 50 degrees Celsius!

His military training and personal thirst for knowledge has given him a wide range of skills applicable to many outdoor situations.
Si has loved being outdoors since an early age. He believes that once you have the knowledge and skills to survive you need very little and he believes in mixing ancient skills and equipment with modern equivalents to cover all eventualities.
A keen hill walker and fresh water fisherman, he loves passing on his outdoor experiences in a humorous but professional manner.


Tom – Seashore specialist instructor.

Tom - Coastal Survival instructor

Tom – Fishing instructor

Tom has grown up and been lucky enough to live on the coast for most of his life allowing  ample time to be spent on the coast, usually catching something, somehow. Tom has a degree in marine biology and specialised in fishery science (he knows how fish think). Tom can show you and identify every thing that lives in an around the beach and rock pools, he’s a master fisherman with a soft patient approach to both hunting and teaching. Tom met Fraser when he started working at River Cottage and between them went on to run and instruct their popular fish based events together for several years.


Robin – Wild edible plants consultant.

Robin – eats wild!

Robin, who runs – a wild food guide to the edible plants of Britain, is an established and respected wild food guild with in the subject, he regularly forages and eats wild food on a daily basis and has identified a great deal of wild plants as both edible and delicious, that many still haven’t experienced. His knowledge spans back through generation into the history and folklore surrounding the plants he has discovered as well as there nutritional values.

Chris  – Coastal survival instructor.

Chris Lundregan

Chris – Dedication to craft

Chris has always demonstrated a proficient application in bushcraft and survival skills, with a relaxed but determined approach to detail and efficientcy in his work. A past student of Coastal Survival, Chris was asked to join the team, not just because he’s a nice guy, but also because he practices and improves his craft at every given opertunity. Both primitive and modern skills are his passion that he now happily shares with many.


Ralf – Coastal survival instructor.

Ralf, coastal survival

Ralf – Prepared to overcome.

Ralf maintains a positive approach with a sure and steady hand in all matters outdoors. A long military career has recently led him into a life outdoorss as a professional tree surgen and safety instructor. His childhood experiences of fishing, hunting and foraging from the forests of German, helped him maintain his passion for all things wild. Again someone who practices what he teaches.



Seb – trainee coastal survival instructor.

Coastal survival instructor

Seb – trainee coastal instructor

Seb is an example of how to perfect your art, his personal dedication to improvement and developing his skill, is self generated. Combine his natural ability to interact with others and he’s an obvious choice for our team. His confidence when engaging with others is helped by his more recent journey into the martial arts.









Guest instructors are brought in when a subject requires that advanced level of proficiency and passion!

Learn from the best and draw on a life times worth of collective knowledge and real time practical experience!y

Hire a Coastal Survival Instructor

Coastal Survival Instructors are available for private tuition and on a freelance basis in the UK. Please enquire for availability and rates.

Want to become a Coastal Survival Instructor? We only take on and develope skills with former students that we select to join the team.

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