Coast Master Scholarship

Bushcraft courses in the UK. Coastal survival instructor

Seb – trainee coastal instructor now after receiving a part award.

Coast Master Scholarship Award.

What is it?
The Coast Master Award is the first coastal survival accredited qualification of advance coastal survival skills, from the Coastal Survival School. Our assisted scholarship award is a part funded by us, for those that that wish to gain the Coast Master certificate. We have allocated 10% of the spaces on each course to allow for the successful applicants. We will meet the course booking fee half way, discounting the individual course fee by 50%.

Who should apply?
Anyone can apply for assisted funding towards the courses you would need to complete to gain the certificate. We will award scholarships on a personal basis, each application is judged on an individuals ability to take the subject forward to teach many others, or to an individual that has a valid need to gain the skills, for example, a person undertaking an expedition for charity fund raising etc.

How do you apply?
If you feel you may qualify, Or would like to know more, please apply in which ever medium you feel comfortable with, by phone, email or video message etc.

Call Fraser on 07702 104644
Email to
Video to

Each applicant will receive confirmation of our appraisal of your application with in 2 months. Application should be made between the 1st of October and the 31st of December. Any applications received after December the 31st, will be considered the following year.

Thank you,

Fraser Christian.

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