Campfire Cook Course

Camp fire cookery course.

Campfire cook is a cookery course that starts with the basics of fireside cookery and progresses your confidence and skills to produce amazing, simple but tasty campfire recipes and nutrishious meals fit for any restaurant table.



Group cooking on camp fire on a bushcraft courseKnife skills and knife safety? Thats one thing we see a lot of on bushcraft courses and  its only correct that this subject is taught and considered by most who use a knife, but using a knife correctly when preparing food? Learn how to safely and efficently use the tools of the trade.



Preparing fish and shellfish on a coadtal bushcraft courseProgressing on positively from the confidence to use a knife (safely) blindfolded! You will learn a basic set of working methods and chefs secrets as meals are prepared with you. We know there are plenty of aspiring camp fire Chefs out there and after a good days hunting and gathering, doing the upmost justice to your food is well deserved, pleasuring the body as does it nourish. Gain confidence and perfect results from your food, especially if your cooking for groups and others.


A meal made using shellfish and seaweed on a coatal ushcraft courseCreating fire side food fit for a restaurant table is easy with a basic mythology and set of skills, mastering the fire and keeping control is acquired with experience, all together combining to producing top class results.




Campfire cookery course, cooking outdoor campfire recipes Covering the basics, including; soups, stews, stocks, bread, fish, meat, vegetables, rice and pastas etc. Learn how to maximise recourses, time and results, as you master fire side food preparation and cookery. Learning  portion control and managing long term food storage can help reduce food budgets and minimise food waste.



This fireside cookery course is run in a woodland camp.

Location – West Dorset.

Course fee per person £84.00.

6 max on course.

1 day course.

Course Dates and booking page link

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