Primitive Coastal Hunter Gatherer

Making a willow lobster pot

Learn to catch food the primitive way.

Bushcraft courses from Coastal Survival.



This is our highly rated prmitive bushcraft skills courses, covering – willow fish and shellfish traps, wood and bone fishing hooks, cordage, spear fishing and longline fishing.

Willow fish trap made on a primitive skills bushcraft course.

Willow traps made on the course

Fish and shellfish traps made on the primitive skills course, used to catch your supper

You can construct fish and shellfish traps using sticks and natural cordage to be set out at low tide off the seaweed covered rock ledges, hopefully resulting in catching your own food before cooking and eaten back at camp.



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Willow cord hand net.

Basic bushcraft skill including natural cordage and net making

Learn to make cordage fishing line, and hooks from wood, bone and other natural resources, including making pitch glue from tree resign and charcoal, made in a seashell to bind combinations of materials together, such as bone and seasoned Oak.



bushcraft courses making cordage and gorge hooks for longlines

bushcraft courses making cordage and gorge hooks for longlines

Make tools and equipment from natural materials and learn how to use them

After a good foraging and fishing session on the beach we will return to our woodland camp with the spoils of the hunt to learn how best to prepare, cook and preserve the foods using only the natural resources we have produced or procured.



This Bushcraft course will give you the opportunity to construct traps, then use them to catch food and cook it during the course, the tools and equipment you make can be taken away with you after the course to add to your collection.



Crabs cooked over the fire on our coastal bushcraft courses

Crabs cooked over the fire on our coastal bushcraft courses

Eat food like the first coastal hunter gatherers, simply delisious over the fire

This unique Bushcraft course is a must do experience for all Bushcrafters and Survivalists that want to understand our rich and diverse coast and the rewards its offers, using only natural materials and skills, allowing full immersion into the world of the first primitive coastal hunter gatherers.


Intermediate skill level required – you should be confident and experienced to wild camp with limited resources and able to perform basic bushcraft tasks – if you are unsure of your suitability for this course, please phone Fraser on T: 07702 104644 – Thank you.

Catering and accommodation: you are required to provide your own breakfasts and lunches using your own cooking system – evening meals are provided and incorporate a mix of what you may have foraged, caught or prepared. Hot water is always available for drinks and washing up. Tents or other sleeping systems can be used in the woodland. Toilets are mobile composting.


Bushcraft course –¬†Primitive Coastal Hunter Gatherer

Location – West Dorset – UK.

3 days – 2 nights

Course fee per person: £287.50

Course booking and dates

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