Bushcraft Living course

Bushcraft living cours. Campfire cookery course, cooking outdoorsThe first UK based bushcraft living course designed around applying  bushcraft skills to a long term or “bushcraft living” situation.

An  indigenous bushcraft course similar to wilderness living courses, our bushcraft living course looks into the skills and resourses needed to live comfortably in the wild or off-grid with minimal kit and resourses that you can carry.

Learn to reconnect with a pace of life that closely follows nature through the changing seasons.

Our early ancestors positively progressed with knoledge that can be obtained when truly living the life. As we grew in numbers and moved inland from the coast, we took advantage of cultivating the wild coastal plants, creating woodland pasture and herding animals, all bushcraft skill needed for long term living whilst not harvesting and hunting on the coast.


Self sufficient off grid low impact bushcraft living courses.

A wide range of skills and resourses are demonstrated and explained, these include the basic essentials, including long term improvised shelter, using a mix of modern and natural resources.

The other essentials: fire for warmth, cooking and the proses of sustainable fire wood harvesting with hand tools, along with water and food.

Using a mixture of modern and natural resources and basic hand tools, together with Fraser’s combined first hand experience, gained from living full time for over 4 years, though all seasons, this unique course allows you to take your basic bushcraft skills forward and really learn what it takes to live comfortably and sustainably.


Preserving for long term bushcraft living courseThis course is suitable for all bushcraft instructors or those with a broad knoledge of basic bushcraft skills, that wish to practically learn what is needed and what is not, after taking your occasional bushcraft, wilderness or off-grid skills, and making it a way of life.

Although learning to be in the moment like the other animals, we must give consideration to the following seasons and plan into the future. The seasoning of fire wood, the preserving of meat and fish, collection of water, all these things take proper planning, once mastered a continuous cycle of life if easily achieved.

Please contact us via email get more info and about the possibilities of joining us on forth coming courses.

Each course is set over a weekend, starting Saturday morning and finishing on Sunday afternoon. Overnight accomadation is in a group shelter, constructed on the course.

Bushcraft Living course.

Max course numbers restricted to 6 people.

Individual course fee £138:00.

Private group or 1-1 course fee £828:00.

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