Bushcraft courses in the UK, on the coast, catching fish on the beach.

Bushcraft courses in the UK, on the coast, catching fish on the beach.

Bushcraft courses from Coastal Survival

Unique bushcraft courses on the coast.

Courses on land and coast offering an unbeatable range of bushcraft skills.

New bushcraft courses dates added for 2017.


Hunt, forage and fish using primitive and modern bushcraft skills.

Our bushcraft courses are suitable for varying levels of personsl experience, including: beginners – intermediate – advanced. If you are unsure of you suitability of any of the vast range of bushcraft or any other courses we regularly provide, please do get in touch by email or phone – thank you!


Bushcraft courses uk. Wooden gorge hook and nettle cordage made on a bushcraft course.

Making and using natural cordage on a bushcraft course.

The coastal hunters and foragers of the past relied upon their bushcraft skills to self-produce the tools and equipment needed to survive using the natural and wild resources available to them.




Bushcraft courses uk. Trigger traps and snares made from wild resources on a bushcraft course

Hunting, foraging and cooking on a bushcraft course.

Bushcraft course skills such as natural tinder and fire lighting, basket construction and making traps, tracking, trapping were essential bushcraft skills needed to allow them to forage, hunt and cook.




Bushcraft courses uk. Camp fire cookery and essential fire skills

Basic outdoor crafts on a bushcraft course.

Fire is an import part of bushcraft. Starting with natural tinder, progressing to the different woods, there suitability for varying uses, from heat, to cooking, learn the many skills and methods on this course that will allow you confidence to produce fire in all weathers in any bushcraft situation.



Bushcraft courses .uk. Cooking seashore food on the camp fire on a bushcraft course from Coastal Survival

Bushcraft courses UK.

Our bushcraft courses will allow you to gain the confidence in not only how to construct and make the tools needed, but how to practically use them to catch and collect you own food and then cook it to make your own foraged feast. Weekend bushcraft courses in the south west and week long bushcraft courses in Scotland and Dorset.


Bushcraft Courses available with Coastal Survival:


Bushcraft Living course – 2 day woodland and coastal based bushcraft course.

The first UK based bushcraft living course designed around applying bushcraft skills to a long term or “bushcraft living” situation.

Bushcraft living cours. Campfire cookery course, cooking outdoorsAn indigenous bushcraft course similar to wilderness living courses, our bushcraft living course looks into the skills and resourses needed to live comfortably in the wild or off-grid with minimal kit and resourses that you can carry.



Complete Coastal Hunter Gatherer – 5 day bushcraft courses UK.

Primitive and modern coastal and inland bushcraft skills on a 6 day foraging and fishing bushcraft course in South West Scotland.

Bushcraft courses uk. Coastal hunting on the seashore in Scotland on our week long bushcraft course.Modern and Primitive coastal bushcraft and survival skills give you the complete coastal hunter gatherers skill set, learn to live off the seashore where you thrive rather than just survive.
Forage, fish and hunt along the seashore, living of what you catch and forage using many methods and skills, this uniques course is a complete immersion in the coastal hunter gatherer set along the abundant shores of South West Scotland.

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